Friday, 13 April 2012

Yellow Flower Tee with 1/2 Length Sleeves

I've had to abandon my usual spot for taking photos out side my flat, as the empty houses opposite are now occupied. Its hard enough trying to take picture of yourself, but just plain embarrassing when you have got a audience. More worryingly at least one of these new people work in the same building as me and i don't need any more rumors about my strange behavior at work. So today i went for a long walk to find somewhere realtively lonly to take photes, i eventualy found this pile of logs to hide behind. 

New look 6807

This top is almost identical to the Yellow Flower Top that i made last. I used my highly altered version of NewLook 6807.  I made the same alternations as last time, only this time i added 1/2 length sleeves. I did not use the 3/4 length sleeve in the pattern because i did not want overly baggy sleeves. Instead i traced the cap sleeve pattern piece. Then i cut it along the middle stopping towards the top of the paper and moved the two sides so they were parallel. I then extended it by drawing two lines straight down from the sides. I also then added tied cuffs at the bottom of the sleeve to make the top more interesting.  

New Look 6807

and a more practical photo of the front....

New Look 6807

and the detail on the sleeves.......

New Look 6807

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