Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New Travelling Blog - Girl must eat...

Back in December when i posted my One Year Old post. I gave myself some vague New Years resolutions. One of them was to start posting about my travelling adventures. I really wanted to do this in a new blog, as i want this blog to be purely craft based. Well it did not happen.

However, one of my new house mates is so overly over the top and passionate in talking about restaurants, spas and hotels that she has visited. She is the sort of person, that will swerve to the wrong side of a road to get a better look at a restaurant that she has never seen before. We live in a very touristy area, so this is a problem. That at first it really put me off starting another blog. As i could noway be as passionate as her. 

I think if she could write as nearly as well as she talks about these things, then she should have a really successful blog. So to encourage her in this, we have started a blogging competition. She has started a blog called  Gone, Seen, Done (she has yet to start posting) and i have started a rival blog called Girl must eat.... Who ever has the most hits when we leave wins. I've got no idea what the prize might be.

So from now on i am blogging on two fronts, my crafty self and my traveller self. I really hope that this does not get in the way of my knitting, but this should be fun. There are so many places to visit, locally that i can write about. And i find that i am more focused and enjoy these things more, when i write about them. So this should be good for me too.

I have put a new tab up top, so if you would like to read it you can, but i wont bore you with the details of my travel life otherwise. Like wise we will see if i can not mention knitting, sewing or crochet on Girl must eat... But that might just be impossible.


  1. Loser buys dinner at the restaurant of winner's choice!

  2. Well at the moment i am winning by a long way. She has yet to post! So it looks good for some fondue.

  3. thanks for share..