Monday, 12 March 2012

New Sewing Machine!!!!

Well after finally giving up on my way too cheap sewing machine, i have bought a new one. Its only a very basic one, but that is all i need. Its a Singer Symphonie, ITS BRILL :). I got it at Aldi for £90, which i think is a good price as i have seen it else where for £115.  Everything works!! on my last machine nothing worked, not the tension wheel, bobbin winder, or the peddle. I am loving it. Now looking forward to may hours of sewing on my Symphonie, even the name sounds good.

Well the Symphonies first task was to finish my dress, which it did. Its not perfect, there are still loads of improvements i want to make. So i suppose that it is just a practice muslin. Though i did make some really good decisions like adding a lining which worked out really well. Here are a few pictures. I shall blog about it some more at the weekend, when i shall take some proper pictures in the daylight. It is still too dark when i get in from work for taking photos.

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  1. After one month the Singer Symphonie is still going great, it is very basic, but it is good quality machine for the price. Aldi still have a few of these left, so if you are planning to buy one then it is a good buy for the price.