Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas and a little update.

My blog is now in its second year and celebrating its 3rd Christmas. So its time for a little reflection and update. 

Skiing in Chamonix
My first year of blogging was full of excitement and a rush make new stuff and post on my blog. The second year has been much slower. This year has also been a year when i have moved around a lot, first to Chamonix, then to Lyon, then to Scotland and Shropshire and finally to London. 

I started off the year living i Chamonix, France and with no access to a sewing machine, so i had turned to knitting. I designed my first pattern the Chamonix Head - Headband (Raverly link) and knitted my first pair of socks. In February i started a travel blog, which i had fun keeping for the first part of the year, until i went to Scotland and could not get regular internet.  

In the spring i knitted the Lyon Cowl, which i have virtually lived in. 

Being Blown in the Wind, Scotland
In Scotland all blogging and crafty stuff ended, as i was working ridiculous hours. Despite lugging my sewing machine all the way up to Scotland on the buses and trains. 

Then in October i left Scotland and visited Shropshire for one month. This was a crafty month. I knitted three hats (here and here), nearly finished a jumper, sewed a Sureau dress and made a ton of lace jewelry (most of which i did not blog). 

Then i moved to London.

The future

Not my picture. Link
The future for my blog looks a little slow for the next 6 months, because i have a new project i am working on. I have decided to go self-employed. I have spent the last 2 months, doing planning and research, and even taking a self-employment course. My plan for now is to open a market stall, in a London market. Selling? Err Probably jewelry and accessories for now. I would love to sell handmade jewelry but i don't believe my skills are up to making it. 

The stall is going to take a few more month to sort out. I believe that January is a bad month to start in retail. Also i am a perfectionist, so i would like to scour every part of London and the UK for the best stock. So, if anybody knows where i can pick up any cool accessories at reasonable wholesale prices or can offer me advice, i am all ears. 

So i have big and exciting plans, but experience tells me that life happens when we make big plans. So, well see what happens, maybe something better!