Thursday, 23 May 2013

Lyon Cowl - My Most Useful Item Yet!

Knitted cowl

When i decided that it was freezing cold so i should knit myself a cowl, i felt that i was wasting my time. It was late April and the weather in Lyon, France had unexpectedly turned to snow, and student services had turned off the central heating, because you don't need heating in April and May, do you? Only the week before we had been basking in 25 degree heat and i had thought it appropriate that i hack off the legs off my jeans. Oh i am so regretting that decision now. It's been far too cold for cut off jeans, and i have just had a pair of jeans stolen from the dryer, which means i am now down to one pair of ill fitting jeans and a holey pair of leggings. 

So i knitted up this cowl with a ball of yarn i bought on my trip to Geneva. The yarn is Calura by Four Season Gruendl.  The cowl was very simple, i just cast on an even number of stitches, on 7mm circular needles, and knitted in seed stitch until the yarn ran out of yarn. I did not bother to count the stitches, and was convinced that the cowl was going to come out a horrible size. However once it was finished, it turned out to be exactly perfect.The colours in the yarn are a little more subtle than i would usually buy, but i actually quite like them. This is actually one of the most grown up items i own and wear. I think that this should be a hint for future yarn and fabric buys, we'll see. 

On another note its a new job and a new location for me from next week. I am heading to Scotland, somewhere close to Ben Nevis. So now i am desperately hoping for some sun before it is too late. The forecast does not look good though. 

Knitted cowl

knitted cowl