Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Yarn Shopping in Geneva, Switzerland

It is impossible to find yarn in Chamonix, France, so the first chance i got to go to Geneva (Switzerland), i jumped at it. With the first thought being "there'll be yarn there". So i spent two days researching 'yarn shops in Geneva' and one fun day shopping for yarn.

I found the cost of yarn in Switzerland to be really expensive. And most shops mainly stock Lang Yarns which are priced around CHF 7-90 (Swiss francs) per 50g. Lang Yarns are a Swiss company, so it not surprising that the majority shop source most of there yarn from here. As always when visiting place like this i wish i was more confidant in asking to take pictures, but hay, this is why i knit, i am shy and can easily hide behind some knitting.

So here are the results of my research and shopping expedition. But if you know any better, please tell me in the comments and i'll update this.

The Research
First or all don't get confused between yarn shops in Geneva, Switzerland and Geneva, NY, USA. The yarn shops in Geneva, NY look great but you can't find them in Switzerland.

Most of the blogs and websites i read mentioning yarn shops in Geneva were very old and often had dud links or no links at all.

The best site i found was Knitmap.com, i did a search for Geneva, Switzerland (leaving all the search criteria boxes unchecked). This bought up five store in Geneva and as i did not find any other shops selling yarn, i assume that this is it.

For more yarn shops in Switzerland try the listings on Lang Yarns website.

View Geneva Yarn Stores in a larger map The Shops

The Shops
au Dé d’Argent
Rue de la Servette 76, Genève, 1202 
Tram Stop: Poterie (line 14) 

This is a cute shop about a 15 minuet walk from the Bastique de Notre Dame de Geneve or main train station. 

This shop had the best range of sock yarn out of all the shops i visited in Geneva. If you are looking for sock yarn, this is the place to go. As well as sock yarn they stocked a range of other yarns, notably Lang Yarns. 

As well as yarn they stocked a good range of notions, buttons, etc. I also noticed a number of hand knitted items for sale, such as hats. 

As i have way too much sock yarn at the moment, i resisted the urge to buy more and left the shop empty handed.

Claudine Laine Creations
Boulevard Carl- Vogt 63, Genève 1205 
Tram Stop: (take trollybus 2 or 19) 

Claudine Laine Creations, Geneva, yarn
This is another small cute shop knitting shop, within walking distance of the old town. The lady in the shop was very friendly, she pointed out my Wurm hat, and tried to find the pattern in one of her books. She did not speak very good English, but i managed to cobble enough French/Franglais together to hopefully explain that i got the pattern off Raverly. Again this small shop mostly stocked Lang Yarns, but i managed to come away with three balls of Filstura Di Crosa (Zara Plus), which is destined to become a hat.

Le Roulet

Place du Marché 5, Carouge (GE), Genève 1227 
Tram Stop: Marche (Line 12)

This is one of two Yarn shops in the Carouge area of Geneva, the other being Tricolaine on the next street. This was is of the largest yarn shop in Geneva. It is laid out in a very open fashion. They stock mostly Lang Yarns, in nearly every conceivable colour. As well as yarn they stock notions and kits. I was a bit disappointed given the size of the shop, of the lack of variety of yarn. They have so much space, it was a shame to see it go to waste.

Rue Roi Victor Amé, Carouge (GE), Genève 1227
Tricolaine, Geneva, yarnTram Stop: Marche (Line 12)
Website: www.tricolaine.ch (seems not to be working)

This was one of my favourite that i visited. It is a very small shop, but they have a good selection of yarn that can't be found in the other stops. Most of the yarn that they stocked seemed to be imported, and included, Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Louise Harding, Zitron (i bought two balls of Nimbus) and Noro. I also noticed that they stocked knitting books in English. This shop is only a short walk from the other yarn shop in Carouge, Le Roulet. There is not much overlap in stock in these two shops, so if you only visit one place for yarn i recommend that you visit Carouge and hit both shops at the same time. 

Manor Department Store
Rue de Cornavin 6, Ginevra, Geneve 1201
Yarn, Manor Department Store, GenevaTram Stop: (Coutance) also Cornavin train station

The yarn/notions department can be found in the basement of the Manor Store. They stocked a good range of yarn, mostly Lang Yarns and their own label yarns called Maddison (Wikipedia link). Some of the yarn they stocked was relatively cheap (relative to Swiss prices) and they also had some yarn on sale. They also stock a very good range of needles, notions and even a few fabric.


  1. Glad to see you managed to stock up a little despite the prices. I remember Switzerland being very expensive all round. I spent a couple of months in and around a little village called Finhaut in the Chamonix-Martigny valley and basically lived on pasta and cupasoup :)
    Hope you're enjoying your adventure!

  2. Pasta and Cupasoups, has been where its at for me the last few day waiting to get paid. I did a little overspend in Geneva.

    Is Finhaut worth visiting? I am trying to find local places where i can go on day trips away from Chamonix.

  3. Thank you for this, I have just moved to Switzerland. I live near Nyon not far from Geneva and have been asked to help host a knitting circle. I moved with lots of yarn but its handy to know where to look for more when the time comes.
    Enjoy your adventure I am have a wonderful time on my one.

  4. Wow, you live on lake Geneva, Lucky you. I think it is hard to find yarn in switzerland, i have just moved to Lyon, France and there is an abundance of little yarn shops. I found three on one day last week. Unfortunately i am not looking to buy anymore yarn at the moment. But i would definitely head to Lyon as it is not far from geneva and you will probably find a better selection.

    I am going to have to do a yarn review of Lyon now!!!! :)

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  7. I live not far from Geneva. There's a wonderful yarn shop in Nyon right next to the railway station. Also in Lausanne, 60 km from Geneva, there are 3 wonderful yarn shops. The one on the rue petit chêne close to the railway station is my favourite. The lady is very helpful and has a Wonderful selection.
    Hope this helps.

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  10. Thanks for your research. I've just moved here and I was looking for some wool shops. This is super helpful. Happy knitting.

  11. Hello there,

    This is great I can't wait to head out to them. Do you know if any of those shops sell bundles that are over 200g? Like a massive pound ball of wool?

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  13. I'm just going to add to the choruses of thanks! Whenever I travel for work, I always visit yarn shops to pick up local or regional items for my wife (sometimes I think I have more fun searching than she has knitting). Anyway, Geneva has been quite complicated. You've solved the mystery!

  14. Yarn can also be found at Coop City stores usually located near the homewear section, including some very large balls (not sure of the weight)some pattern books and needles etc. Migros at La Praille (next to Carouge) has a lrge craft section and some yarns.....

  15. Hello,
    there is also a general "mercerie" in Chêne-Bougeries, chemin De-La-Montagne 136, centre Coop which sells yarns, cross stitch, notions, fabrics, etc.