Monday, 14 January 2013

Cosy Red Rib Socks

rib, DK, socks, knit, chamonix

These are my first pair of hand made socks. I started these when i first arrived in Chamonix, France, but their progress was put on hold after i broke one of my knitting needles. I was really gutted, i got a interchangeable circular knitting set for my birthday, because i was going traveling. But it turns out that the needles are really quite fragile, and not so suitable for travel. I eventually drew up the courage to ordered a new needle off a french website L'Atelier, with the help of Google translate and a bit of faith.

The pattern is Comfy Dk Socks by Laura Schickli, as found on Ravelry. I stayed true to the pattern, except i cast on 44 instead of 48 stitches, because i have very narrow feet and wanted them to stay up. The pattern worked well, i had to do a little fudging around the heal, because of the 4 stitches i took out and my little experiences in making socks. But other than that they came out perfect. The yarn i am using was bought at Newport market just before i left. I have lost the ball band and can't even remember the make, which is something i always like to know.

rib, DK, socks, knit, chamonix

Life in Chamonix is amazing. Yesterday we woke up to a fresh dump of snow and everything is looking all white, fluffy and picture postcard again. It is certainly hard to complain about work when you have a snowy mountain landscape to look out on.

I have reread the enthusiastic post i wrote as i arrive in Chamonix, about how i was going to have so much more to blog about. True. But i have so much less time. I am working less that i did back in England, but i rarely get a whole day off, and when i do i am using my time to go skiing. Also i now have housemates, so i am getting distracted going out, making dinner and talking to them. Poor excuse i know. However, i have been crafting. Knitting is as predicted what i am drawn too. At first my housemates just thought i was crazy, knitting. But i am slowly converting them, and one of them has even borrowed some of my knitting needles and is making a headband.

Knitting the headband with my house mate has got me started on my next project. A headband. I could just cast on 15 stitches and garter stitch until long enough to go around my head. But i want a bit of a challenge, so i m working on one which is double sided and cabled. Version 1 looks good and its finished but its too small and has a few kinks that need ironing out in a second version. So i have ordered more yarn from the website above, and i am once again hoping that i have translated  it correctly and i will receive my new yarn soon. I'll blog about the headband later.


In other knitting new, I have started two other pairs of socks. I am knitting them in 4ply yarn, and they are not going so well. I am having real trouble handling the fine yarn and i can't get my tension to stabilize. I will keep on trying and hopefully eventually something will click.

Also over Christmas i also crocheted a few Christmas decorations. A star for the top of the tree and a snowflake for under the glass on the side table.

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