About Me

KnottedRose in the blog of a girl who loves to make her own things, especially clothing and accessories. I love knitting, crochet, sewing and also travel. 

Oh, i miss the sun!

I travel and work abroad a lot. My family would love it if i stayed at home, but i have an adventurous personality, and can't stay in one location for more than a few months. The craft i am into at the time often depends on my location. At the moment i am knitting, as i am living in the French Alps and cold days and nights require warm socks, gloves and hats.

I am missing my sewing machine desperately, but this is the path i have chosen, and one day i know we will be reunited.


  1. Hey,
    If you're still in the French Alps, check out this group "Knitting in Chamonix":

    Jemina :)

  2. Hello. I live in a village called Greny in the Commune of Peron, Pays de Gex. If you are in the area on a Thursday afternoon you are welcome to join our group. We are are group of women who sit, chat, have a cuppa and do what ever needle work we are doing at the time. Everyone does something different. My email is Kocalla@gmail.com. best regards Katie Rowland.