Saturday, 10 March 2012

Gutted - RIP Sewing Machine

My sewing machine has broken. Its refusing to wind on a bobbin for me. So i can't finish my dress! 

The bobbin winder has always been very dodgy at best, but now it does not move at all. I suppose that this is what happens when you buy really cheap sewing machines. Anyway the bobbin winder is not all that is wrong with it, the push peddle is also not sensitive enough. In all it was very, very cheap machine.

I cant even tell you what make it is other than Argos Value because there are no marking on the actual machine. I only bought it to do a small bag making project and did not think that i would ever be this involved in making clothes, i just thought that making clothes would be just too complicated. 

So now i am after a new machine. I should be getting a lift  into town shortly, so what ever machine i end up with will not have too much research behind it. I saw a Singer Symphonie in ALDI a few weeks/months ago which looked aright, but I'll be lucky if they have got any left. If not i think the only place to buy one in town is Argos, though this time i shall spend a bit more than the £50 i did last time. 

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