Monday, 19 March 2012

Little Black Dress - Style 3201 take 2

This is the Little Black Dress i made last week. I made it using the Style 3201 pattern i used for my 70's bell sleeved dress. The main body pieces were originally supposed to be lining for the original dress, but i did not used them; so i made this instead. This dress is lined and so much better for it. 

I made quite a lot of changes to the pattern. The sleeves are shorter  3/4 lengthen sleeves with tie ends. They are more flattering and modern looking than the sleeves that came with the pattern. The sleeves are my favorite part of the dress, i am doing these sleeve over and over again on other projects.

I also tried to raise the neck line, by adding a bit to the bodice pieces. This was a complete disaster (see below for pics). The two sides did not meet and left me very exposed. I think this happened because i had just got a new sewing machine and i made the seem allowances too big (bad excuse i know), i therefore could not cross over the front of the dress by as much as i needed to. So to remedy this i added a tie band to the neck and tied a big bow in front to cover it up. 

I really want to make this dress again, but with a few more changes. First i made this dress way too short for me. I still want it above the knee, but it need to be lower than what it is. Secondly i want to make the skirt part of the dress wider and more flowy. Thirdly i think that if i made it again it need to be in a slightly bigger size and the neck line raised more. Fourthly, it would look great in colorful patterned fabric. This black makes it look as though i am heading to a funeral.

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