Friday, 1 March 2013

Yarn Shopping in Sallanches, France

I am trying to make the most of my days off work and visit some of the out lying town and villages around Chamonix. Its a shame that you can't chose the weather, because my day off managed to fall on one of the worst weather days this winter. Nevermind it did not dampen my determination to get out of Chamonix for the day. So i took the train to St Gravais and then on to Sallanches. Sallanches is one of the larger towns in the Chamonix valley, and it is good for shopping, especially if you are looking for stuff other than ski wear. I had heard form locals that there is a yarn shop there, so i thought i would check it out. 

I hit the internet before i went but found out very little. I did find this little yarn store though. 


75 rue du Mont Joly, 74700, SALLANCHES

The store is very small, and mostly carries a small selection of clothing. Along the back wall of the shop, they stock yarn. They have a good selection of yarn within the Phildar brand. They also have a small selection of Phildar knitting patterns and buttons. I could not see any knitting needles or other knitting tools for sale. Before i visited this store i looked them up on the internet. The picture they have on the Sallanches page is very misleading, as the store in the picture is much larger than the one found in Sallanches. So when i was looking for the shop i was looking for more in the way of a big department store, but instead found this small shop. Overall the yarn was very reasonably priced and they stock a lot of the plain wool that i like to knit with, so it's worth a return visit.

Any way here are some more images of a very wet town in the French Alps.

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  1. Currently staying in Les Houches with access to buses.... Have you found any other shops that stock yarn/knitting tools?
    Thanks, your previous post was useful. Will take a trip to Sallanches to have a look x