Sunday, 15 April 2012

Not Meant 2 Be - Peter Pan Tee NM2B

Feeling Grumpy..

I struggled from the outset with the fabric, it was just so thin and cheap. It took nearly two hours to lay it out flat, so i could cut it. I realized early on that the fabric was going to be too thin to wear with out a layer underneath, but did not really care, it was still quite pretty. It was going to be a plain cream tee, made in exactly the same way as the Yellow Flower Tee, with Newlook 6807. But had this flower print fabric in my stash, so decided to pretty it up with a collar and tied cuffs on the sleeves. 

I spent what seemed like ages making the sleeves, but it was not until i went to attach them that i realized that i had made two left sleeves. I cut another one, making sure that i had the pattern piece the right way up. But when i tried it on i realized that i had forgotten to lengthen the sleeve like i had in the first place. At this point i just gave up. I attached the collar, with out any care or attention, and i am not going to bother to finish the hem. 

The plan was to make another cap sleeve tee-shirt out of the fabric and then maybe Burda 119, issue 3/2012 out of the left overs. But for now i have grabbed the whats left and stuck it at the bottom of my fabric draw, probably forever. I never want to see it again.

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