Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Burda Skirt - This Time With Buttons

This is almost the outfit I wore to my resent successful job interview, a few weekends ago. I thought I had better wear something made by me, as I had let it slip that I have been trying to make my own clothes. I finished it what seems like months ago, but I have never really had chance to take photos. I took these last week but gave up after only four photos, because I was just not in the mood. Today I had chance again as the weather was beautiful, but I just had the wrong location. So I am writing this post now or I never will.

Burda Skirt, 118, 119, 5/2012, button, front

This skirt is pattern 118/119 from the May 2012 addition of Burda magazine. I changed the closure at the front, from a jeans style zipper to a button-up front. There are loads of button-up skirt patterns doing the rounds on the Internet at the moment, but I knew that this pattern worked well for me the first time I made it. Modifying the pattern was really easy. I just cut off the zipper slit under laps and extended the central seam out enough so I could fold it over twice, to create a placket for the buttons and button holes. Despite having to change the pattern, it was so much easier than inserting the original zipper. 

Again I am really happy with the result. This pattern has been my most successful yet. My last Burda skirt I have worn almost to death, so I really needed this one to add some variety to what I wear. It is a plain navy (faintly plaid) polyester. I think it will go with well loads of different types of tops, so it should be pretty versatile piece. Only I cant see my self wearing it over this winter, as I am heading to the French Alps. Though this will be one piece I shall not throw out in my mission to de-size my belongings when I move out of this flat.

Burda Skirt, 118, 119, 5/2012, buttons

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