Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cataloguing Unblogged Clothes (Made-By-Me) - Part 1

So I am having a massive clean out, as I am packing up and travelling/moving to the Alps. I've amassed so many things in the 5 years I have been back in the UK, and in the last year and a half with a sewing hobby things have really got way out of hand. So I have been sorting, binning and bagging up for charity. I still have a long way to go, but I have come across loads of handmade clothes that for one reason or another have never been bloggged. Before these disappear I have taken a photo and have written a little about each one, to record them. This is mostly for my own purpose because I am just to sentimental.

From the top, left to right

The Office "Chair" Dress - Burda 8072
My first dress, and probably the most successful yet. I chose a thick scratchy wool/unknown poly. The material reminds me of the sort of fabric that is used to upholster chairs in offices and doctors surgery’s, hence the Office 'Chair' Dress. I loved the shape of the dress on me, thought it was a bit tight. I think I am going to keep this one...

Light Grey Top - NewLook 6807 (view B)
I have made 6 versions of this pattern. This was my first and I think only my second attempt at sewing clothing. It came out satisfactory, though I cut a size 14 when I should have gone for a 12. The next time I made it I cut view C, in a dark blue heavy jersey and it was a complete failure. I also hacked this pattern half to death when I made the Yellow Flower Top and the Yellow Flower Tee with 1/2 Length Sleeves. I wore this grey version several time, but the fabric was very cheap and it soon lost all shape. 

Chevron Tank - Feminine Knits by Iene Holme Samsoe
I knitted this probably a year before I started this blog. I was really starting to get into knitting at the time and this was my first 'big' project. I really liked working the ladder lace to make the chevron pattern. I used Patons Smoothie yarn, in a colour combination which really did not suit me. I also knitted it slightly longer than recommended, but still found that it did not quite meet the top of my jeans (long body syndrome). It was not total failure the biggest problem being my lack of taste when choosing the colour combination.

Lesson learnt: I should really stay away from lime green.

Pink T-Shirt - NewLook 6979 (view B)
This was my first clothing item I ever sewed. I used really cheap fabric from the market and the simplest pattern I could find. I could not believe that I could make my own t-shirts so easily and cheaply. I was hooked on this sewing thing. 

Purple Plaid Top - NewLook 6965 (view A with straps from view D)
I made this top twice. The Purple Plaid Top and a Blue Flower Print Top. I made the blue version first. Making this top really pushed my limits as a novice sewer. I found lots of terms in the instructions that I did not understand, so I hit the Internet and found lots of amazing blogs explaining what to do (this was when I started following blogs). I made lots of mistakes with the blue version: cutting too close to the seams and melting the fabric with a too hot iron. It looked really good once it was finished, but did not last past its first wear as the seam ripped under the yoke. I learnt from my mistakes when making the purple plaid version, but the smooth fabric went really knobbly when it washed and no amount of ironing has gotten rid of the funny texture.

The Aubergine Dress - Burda 7659
This picture really dose not do this dress much justest. I ironed it a little for the photo (not well) and it has some really funny creases in it not present when worn. I used the left over fabric to make the Burda Skirt (my favourite project of all time). It came out OK. The arm holes were a little tight, so I only ever wore it a couple of times, along with he fact is was a little too school girl for my taste.

Burda Front Knot Dress - 3/2012 108b - Take 2
This was the second version of this dress that I made. I blogged about the first one here. The first one looked great on, but it had a few problems with the lining which needed resolving. This second one was made perfectly, only when I tried it on, it looked awful. The fabric was so cheep, when I washed it all the colour ran out, and when worn it made me look very pregnant. Not just a little pregnant, but very, very pregnant. I wore it a few times, because I am stubborn ('I made it, therefore I shall wear it'). Somebody even got up and offered me a seat on a tram, after that I gave up and I shall never wear it again.

Tank - Burda 119 3/2012
This 'kinda' has already been blogged about, but it never got finished (hemmed). It was made out of that really thin material I used to make that failed peter pan tee. Latter I made a scarf out of the left over fabric, which I wore a lot over the summer. 

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