Monday, 19 November 2012

Knitting Obsession

Well i have totally lost my sewing mojo, as of late. I have a half finished dress draped over the back of my sewing chair and i have absolutely no drive to finish it. I also have a list somewhere, of sewing plans that i planned to complete before i go to France in two weeks. I really want those plans to happen, but i just don't think that i have the will to make it happen.

Anyway, what i have lost in sewing inspiration have more than gained in knitting.

Just the feel of having the yarn pass through my fingers, i am totally addicted. I do this though, i obsessed with one thing, and then slowly another. I am not worried that i will never go back to my sewing machine. It is just that knitting has moved back to the front of my mind, sewing will get back there eventually. What bough this knitting obsession on was me thinking about my move to France, and how i better plan and take some knitting projects with me.

So i have planed a number of projects, and have started and finished some of them even before i have stepped on to the plane (this was not the plan). In fact just in the last few days i have finished a hat (and started another) and nearly finished some matching gloves, started some socks (OK, two pairs) and have been working on my Elbow Patch Cardigan.

I am just biting at the bit to buy more yarn and start more projects, but not necessarily finished them . HELP!

What am i going to take with me for 5 months? I don't know, i might have no yarn left.

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