Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sewing in the Alps?

Working a ski season in the French Alps, I thought that sewing would be out of the question. Yet talking to the ladies in my interview, I found out that the apartment where I will live has two vintage sewing machines. Perfect. They have also tested them out for me and as far as they can tell, they still working. This is so exciting, its like this job was just made for me! 

So my head has started spinning again with sewing ideas. I really like the idea of sewing something special as a souvenir of my time there. I've had my eye on the Deer and Doe patterns, possibly the Sureau Dress. These patterns are in French, so perfect for learning about French sewing vocabulary. Also Anna from paunnet is hosting a sew along soon in English, so ill be able to dip into her blog, if I get in trouble.

However all these plans depend on me being able to work these sewing machines. I'll also have to order everything I need over the Internet. I only have a 20Kg luggage limit on my flight and sewing stuff  is just not that essential (I have already sectioned off a good deal of space for my knitting stuff).

Talking about knitting, all this thinking about cold weather has really activated the knitter in me. So I have spent the last couple of months planning my knitting projects, should I get my dream job in the Alps. I even spent £25 of good money on yarn the day of my interview. Hoping that I would get the job and I could take it with me. So I got the job, and hats, scarf's and socks will be knitted up, whilst the weather is too bad for skiing and exploring. I can't wait.

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