Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Granny Square Scarf

My sister modelling my red granny square scarf
Ive been busy with the crochet hook making granny squares. I made this scarf over Christmas, and i am so addicted to making granny squares at the moment that i have started another!

I used red yarn for this scarf which is very unusual for me because i usually go for everything in shades of blue, green or purple. But the red shades caught my eye at the market, and they really look fantastic together.

Actually i have started another two with the yarn left overs. I have completed 7 squares of one but i am running out of dark red. So have started a third in red, black and cream. I shall have to go back to the market on Friday and hope that i did not get the last ball of dark red, which i have a horrid feeling that i did.

The start of two new scarfs

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  1. I got the last ball of red. Nevermind i also bought plently of wool in other colours, to make more, i am planning on starting a etsy shop with them.