Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Welcome to My Etsy Shop

Crochet, mittens, beanie

So its funny how plans never go as planned. I just need to remind myself that its the journey itself that's important and not the destination. These last few weeks have really demonstrated just that. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my time in Chamonix was coming to an end, but the truth is, events conspired against me and i ended up leaving early. So i decided to go to Lyon and study French. The course i wanted did not start for two weeks, so i went to Nice, France to hibernate and recover for a few weeks first. 

Suddenly having 2 weeks unexpected down time followed by 4 weeks part time study (with no spare cash) got me thinking, What am i to do with all this spare time?

So i decided to work on one of my life goals, that is that i would one day like to work for myself. I have uummmed and aarrrred over the various businesses i could run for many years, and still don't quite know what it is that i want to do. Starting an Etsy shop selling crochet accessories was an idea i had back in 2011, but dismissed the idea, as i would have to put too many hours into it and get very little out. But i have come back to this idea now, because my circumstances and experiences have changed. This is almost the perfect little side line for me, now i am traveling/working intermittently.  In the long term i don't think that crocheting hats and gloves is some thing that i could live off forever, but its a stepping stone to my larger goals for the future. I will get experience running my own little business, and hopefully make a bit of money to keep me traveling longer.

hats, gloves, beanies, crochet
And yes i know that i am starting a 'hats and gloves' shop in spring. I figured that by the time i am properly organised, built up an inventory, and have figured out just how to sell these hats that it will be autumn anyway.

So i decided to activate my Etsy shop that i opened in December 2011, but never made anything for. I have called the shop KnottedRose (traveling crochet). I want to keep the shop simple, simply because i am traveling and if i get involved in long complicated projects, i run the real risk of traveling with a suitcase full of UFOs. Which is baggage just i don't need. 

The weather in Nice and Lyon has been pretty dismal (i am writing this in a thunder storm), so i have had plenty of time to design the hats and gloves i wanted to go into my shop. Its funny how much effort goes into designing items that appear to be quite simple. I wanted to get the shape and fit perfect and to also make simple easily easily repeatable products. So i can make them again and again, if i need to. So i spent the first two weeks of my business plan, just designing my first four items. Now i have the patterns, have repeatedly tested them, and feel confident that i can make them in a reasonable amount of time. 

I launched the shop. Welcome.

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