Monday, 18 June 2012

New fabric for my stash

So i went fabric shopping in Birmingham on Saturday, as i absolutely demolished my fabric stash before my holiday. I went with a few ideas about what i wanted, such as a dark blue, red and white floral print fabric and some pretty patterned knit fabrics. But as usual, there was loads of fabrics but not quite what i was looking for. I came close with a dark blue floral fabric but, its colours were too muted for what i wanted. I really need to rethink my fabric buying strategy as i tend to go with ideas which are just too narrow and get disappointed.

Anyway, after i got over my disappointment, this is what i came up with.

A narrow blue and creamish synthetic fabric and some cream lining, which i am going to attempt to make the Dress With Knot Front 03/2012 #108B from Burda magazine.

This light indigo linen fabric and this thick black patterned fabric as a lining to the Asymmetric Jacket 03/2012 #116, also from the same addition of Burda magazine.

And three lots of jersey knit fabrics. I bough 1m of the bright orange (which is brighter in real life than my photo). I think that i will try to make a skirt from this, possibly self drafted. I bough 3m of the aubergine which i will make into a top, probably my hacked Newlook - 6807 and also a skirt. Then i have also bought 1m of grey stripy knit, i have never worked with stripes before and i don't think that the Newlook pattern will work with the material, so any ideas?

So no beautiful floral prints, or summer fabrics, but the weather was not very inspiring. Actually it was horrendous again. I had to work in the morning so i cycled in the rain to work (because bicycle or car are the only options to get there), and then cycled in heavier rain to the train station. By the time i had reached the train station my waterproof mascara had run and i was drenched. The toilets were closed for renovation, so i spent the day walking around Birmingham feeling a right mess. 


  1. Love the colors of the jersey knits; I actually think the orange and purple look good together! Nice stuff you got.

  2. I will admit i am very scared of the orange. I love it as a colour but i am frighted to wear it. I'll give it ago anyway.