Sunday, 17 June 2012

Holiday Photos

I got back from my holiday late on Sunday. It has been so hectic ever since. As soon as i got back i had a little rest and then to work of a 9h shift, then it just been work and trying to sort out the mess i made making the last Sorbetto before my holiday. Oh and trying to get my laundry done, which has not shrunk any despite doing four loads.

Any way back to my holiday a mini backpacking trip. First stop was Pisa, Italy. A student city, with loads and loads of bicycles and an airport in walking distance of town (my favorite part; i could just get off the plane and walk to my hostel and then into town). Apart from the bicycles which i loved, the only place of any real interest in Pisa is the complex with the Leaning Tower. I spent part of my morning here and the rest walking around town. I started quite early so by midday i had pretty much got board of Pisa and headed for Lucca, a very picturesque walled town a short train ride away.

Then off the Nice, France by the way of a 6h train ride. I changed trains at Genoa, and got this view of Genoa from the platform. Awesome or what?

Nice was lovely, too hilly for bikes, but loads of spectacular views of the city, from every angle possible. I spent the first day walking and walking the streets of Nice and up into the old castle grounds, where i took so many pictures of the view i just cant process them. 

The second day on the beach in Monaco with Agata and another girl who's name embarrassingly i have already forgotten. Forgetting names seems to be my biggest problem with backpacking as you meet too many people in to shorter time to catch and remember there names. 

My third and favorite day was visiting the little hill top village of Eze. 

On blog related stuff. I took loads of clothes that i had made, and easily wore one every single day. Unfortunately i forgot to take picture of my self, so this is all the evidence i have. 

Yellow Flower Top - NewLook 6807

Burda Skirt 5/2012, 118, 119Sorbetto

After leaving Nice via another long train journey to Marseille Airport, i arrived back in to Stanstead for one of the biggest weather shocks this year. Wow it was windy! The landing felt as though the pilot had trouble keeping the plane on the runway and i nearly lost all my possessions leaving the plane.

I meet up with my friend Michelle who lives near by. Our sort of plan was to go into London the next day, but the weather was so horrendous that we just ended up going into Cambridge, which is never a bad plan as it is a beautiful city. So another student city full of so many beautiful bicycles. 

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  1. Wow, beautiful photos! I've been to Italy, but it was brief and I only saw Venice. I also like the outfit in one of the last photos, with the black t-shirt and purple skirt. Looks good!