Saturday, 26 May 2012

Floaty Sorbetto Blouse

The sun has come out at last, and now i want summer clothes. It was so hard to get in the mood for making summer stuff, as only last week i was contending with sleet and snow. I really don't know how professional clothing designers can design a summer collection in the wrong time of year. If it was up to me the shops would be all full of woolly mittens and grey wool dresses right now.

So this is what i am wearing right now, shorts (at last) and a Sorbetto blouse.

Sorbetto Blouse, cap sleeves

I made the blouse using the free Sorbetto pattern from Colette Patterns. I have made a few changes to the blouse, i added cap sleeves, lengthened the hem and inverted the centre pleat. 

Sorbetto Blouse, knottedrose, cap sleeves

When i decided to use this pattern to make summer tops, i was always going to make a few. I had planned out what fabric i was going to use, black and red with daises (below), blue polka dot, and a white and blue stripy one. Then it got warm and sunny and suddenly my chose of fabric seemed a bit dull and inappropriate.

Sorbetto Blouse, cap sleeves

But a good hunt through my fabric draw and suddenly this one surfaced. The fabric is one that i bought over a year ago, before i even started sewing. I had the idea that maybe one day i would use it to make a bag. When i did eventually started sewing it went to the bottom of my fabric draw, and i decided i did not like the print. Then the sun came out to play and suddenly its perfect.

The flower print top is actually the second Sorbetto i have made this week. The firts one....

Sorbetto Blouse, cap sleeves

came out a bit small, but it did give me a chance experiment. So i added caped sleeves to it using my less than professional approach...

Sorbetto Blouse, cap sleeves

1. cut out a piece of fabric that is roughly sleeve shaped and attach it to bodice.
2. hack away at it with a pair of blunt scissors.
3. rip it off, cut down the centre, spread it apart and recut it out. 
4. reattach to bodice, to check shape.

and i had my cap sleeve pattern piece.

I new this would happen, i have been trying so hard to follow proper established sewing methods, so i don't fall in to bad habits. But i have a personality type.

And then Timbaland, The Way I Are, came on the radio and i could not resist...

Sorbetto Blouse, cap sleeves

I embarrass in night clubs.

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  1. Such fine looking tops! You deserve to do the dance of joy!