Sunday, 20 May 2012

Burda Blouse 5/2012 with Tie Collar

This is another item i found in the 5/2012 addition of the Burda magazine. It is pattern no: 103, but i have attached a tie collar instead of the plain collar. I actually liked the tie collar blouse that is pattern 134, but it was a plus size pattern, as seems are most of my favourite Burda magazine patterns. So i made 103 and attached the collar as described in 134.

Burda 5/2012, 103, 134, 118 may

This pattern was pretty easy to follow. At the first glance of the diagram i thought it might be more complicated than the skirt i made last week. But the instruction were quite simple and straight forward to follow. Though you still need to know how to sew so it is not a pattern for beginners. 

Burda 5/2012, 103, 134, 118

I did not cut the fabric on the bias as recommended for the tie, as i did not have enough in my stash, but the end result is still pretty good. 

Burda 5/2012, 103, 134, 118

My photos are not very clear, and it really hard to make out the tie at the front in any of them. I was trying to take them when it was raining yesterday afternoon, so the light coming into my flat was very poor. The black polka dots really make the tie bow blends into the shirt. I think is a good thing, because it is there, and it is big, but understated at the same time.

Burda 5/2012, 103, 134, 118

I am going on holiday soon and will need some new summer tops. My original plan was to making a bunch of heavily modified Newlook 6807's. That did not worked out, due to not finding enough suitable jersey fabric. So now i am working on making the Sorbetto top, from Collete Patterns. I have seen many versions of this pattern appearing on the Burdastyle website, but have never really thought much about the pattern until recently.  Now there have been several versions of this pattern that have caught my eye, so i am giving it ago.

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