Saturday, 11 February 2012

Shopping Trip

The plan for today was to hide from this horrid cold weather and work on my black floral dress. But my mum rang and she wanted me to go to Wellington with her to see relatives. While there i had half an hour to look around the town.

I have been finding it really difficult to find any second hand/vintage patterns in the charity shops recently, so was quite surprised when i did find some. I found these three patterns and a dress making book all for £1, bargain! The first two are free patterns from magazines. One is for a jacket (1994) and the other a skirt and sleeveless jacket (unknown date). The third is a Simplicity pattern 6619 (1984). I am not very fond of clothing from this era, so probably wont use the patterns. Though i do think that it might be possible to use view 2 of the Simplicity pattern, to make a loose, light summer dress if i shortened the hem line.

Simplicity 6619 and two other free patterns from the 80's and 90's
The book is a Simplicity sewing manual from the 1980's. I have been wanting a sewing manual of my own for some time, up till now if i have a question i go to BurdastyleYouTube it or go to the limited selection at my library. So apart from the iffy styling strategies at the front of the book, it is full of plenty of useful diagrams and instructions that should help me.
Simplicity Sewing book (1984)
There is also now a stall on Wellington market that now sells a limited selection of fabrics. I fell in love with the print on this one. There was only a meter left on the roll, which is a shame because i would have liked to make a dress from it. I bought it anyway in hope that inspiration will come and i will one day use it. 
Close up of fabric. Its actually blue, but under my lights it looks grey   

The colour is better in this photo.
While i was in the market i also restocked my yarn stash, i wanted bright vibrant colours, but i think the cold day had effected my mood and eye, and was attracted to the dull, dark winter colours instead.

New wool.

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