Saturday, 18 February 2012

Charcoal Cap - Sirdar 6520

Well i said i would make this cap in a previous post. I made it last Sunday, as Sundays are my knitting and crochet day. It is Sirdar 6520, a vintage pattern from the 1970's i think! Previously i made the beret, which came out very well. 

The cap came out OK, but it does not look like it does on the picture. I'am also finding that the front flat will not stay straight and it keeps rolling inwards. 

I have not warn it out yet, as i only wear hats when it very, very cold and the weather has gotten much warmer. I am hoping now i have made two hats to wear that it wont get cold again, i really hate the cold and wearing hats. 

Charcoal Cap - Sirdar 6520

Charcoal Cap - Sirdar 6520

The original pattern (Sirdar 6520) and the Blue Beret i made a few weeks ago
Currently i am working on my black 70's floral dress, which is turning out very well.  I just need to turn the hem and add the buttons, so hopefully i shall have it finished by tomorrow.

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