Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hi, I am Rosemary. I am dedicating this blog to my life of crafts.
The life I saw for myself as a child and young teenage was to make my living making jewellery. When I was a young child I loved drawing, making things, knitting, even embroidery. At school I used to sell my drawing and friendship bands to my class mates.  Art was by far my best subject at school. This all changed when I went to a new school and had the most horrendous art teacher who used to pick on me and I had to give it up for GCSE and take up Spanish instead (which I failed with style).
My life moved on then and I did all science A Levels and studied geology and chemistry at university. But I have never worked in science I have just drifted for one dead-end job to the next interrupted by long periods of foreign travel, with me trying to find out what it is I want to do with my life.
After a nearly 15year absence from anything remotely crafty I started knitting again, hurray. My first piece was a black scarf, which I started whilst traveling in Tasmania, admittedly all I could remember how to do was to cast on and to knit, I had to ask an old lady how I cast off.
When got back to not so sunny England I bought more yarn and started to teach myself the basics, by getting books from the library and looking to Knitting blogs. This was how I discovered crochet, and from making crochet bags I bought a sewing machine to make lining them easier. From having a sewing machine I had to teach myself to sew clothes of course. Now I am trying to find ways to combine these things together.
This will be my record of all the things I make.

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