Monday, 27 August 2012

Blue and White Stripy Lace and Swans

After what seems like an eternity i finally have some sewing related stuff to talk about. I am starting to make plans for the future (but i wont tell you what just yet), so i really need to get my fabric stash down to a manageable size. So i am making a start on all the jersey knit fabric that i acquired over the summer. Luckily the 9/2010 issue of Burda Magazine is full of loads of simple knit tops that i can use to achieve this.

Burda 130a 9/2012

This weekends project was this blue and white lace jersey that i bought on one of my trips to London in June. I had 2m of it and i managed to make this cowl top, pattern number 130a (9/2012), and ..

Burda 119 3/2012

this tank top pattern number 119 from issue 3/2012 of Burda Magazine.

If this tank top looks familiar i did an Internet search for blue and white lace on the Internet last night and found this...

an almost identical top from New Look (the shop), just it has buttons down the front. Its the same material and almost the same pattern, they have even used the blue stripe as binding. I understand why they made a tank from this material as looking at i could not really see any other option. Its a pretty fabric but the stripes make it so casual. I just wish that i had not found it. Now i feel that if i had i seen this top in the shops, i would have past it by, even though its on sale at £7.

Burda 119 3/2012

Sorry i don't have many photos to show you of the tops in question, but luck has not been on my side. Yesterday i took my camera, tripod and tops for an hours walk along the canal to find a quite spot to take photos and then found that i had left the device that attached my camera to the tripod at home. Today i tried to take some in the rain, but the rain quickly got too heavy and i was worried about my camera getting soaked. But never mind i did come across this family of swans on the canal in Newport, which made my day Sunday.


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    1. Thank you, i haven't heard from you in ages, how is it going?

  2. A couple of no nonsense tops. Don't ya love em.

    1. Thank you, you can never have too many tops.