Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summers Day

A beautiful summers day and i get to wear my Knot Dress. Us English are so over enthusiastic about the sun at the moment. We don't even mind if its not that hot: T-shirts, shorts and summer dresses are out in force. So i took my time form getting sun burnt to take some picture in my mums garden. To replace the not so good ones i took in my small dark flat. See here.

Burda Front Knot Dress - 3/2012 108b

I am now working on a new Knot Dress in a washed out blue flowery fabric. I really want to get it finished in time to go on holiday, but i am missing an invisible zipper. Where can i find an invisible zipper in Newport?

Anyway that's my other news i am off on holiday to Nice again. This time i am going for 16 nights and i am going to do a french course. I am so excited because i have always wanted to learn another language. I have dipped in and out of french for many years, but it is really hard to get motivated when you are learning on your own. I did do a evening class many years ago, but that was in another town and there are no local classes which will fit around my work. 

I am hoping that on this course, my french teachers can help me pull all of the french words (and i know many) out off my head and into usable sentences. Because it is quite embarrassing when somebody approached you in France and you understand almost everything they are saying, but you cant even remember how to tell them that use don't speak french. 

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