Thursday, 26 January 2012

Reflections - granny square scarf

I have been busy making granny square scarfs for my Etsy shop (which I still need to make live). I made these two together, alternating squares as I went. So I would finish one square and make the center of the next square using the yarn from the outside of the previous square.

Both of these granny square scarfs are reflections of each other.
Each scarf is measuring
Both Purple scarfs about: 210cm x 13cm
Original black, red and white: 200cm x 12cm

I don’t know why the original scarf has come out smaller; I think it is because I used a different brand of wool for the main black part. It also could be due to my tension. Though there will always be variation in handmade work.  I really want to be able to get some uniformity in my work because I am planning to let people request their own colours for their scarfs and work on a ‘made to order’ basis. 

Granny square scarf
Granny square scarf

Granny square scarf

 I still have two more scarfs that I have started in this pattern, so we will see how they measure up. 

On Sunday i started work on some more granny squares.

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